Last Saturday the UK Shaolin Temple had more than one reason to celebrate.

One was in honour of the world’s Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day. The temple invited all it’s members and the public to celebrate the benefits of these popular activities by offering an hour session with Shi Yan Min and Bibiana Hernandez.

Existing members and new faces entered the fascility in Shirley to learn about flowing Tai Chi movements and how to bring Qi (energy) into harmony. With Tai Chi and Qi Gong becoming more and more popular, the UK Shaolin Temple is responding to the growing demand in different ways.

The half hour taster Tai Chi session with Shi Yan Min gave an insight into the movements and how these can calm the mind, build your strength and keep people active. From next month the UK Shaolin Temple will be offering more opportunities, especially for older people to join dedicated Tai Chi classes. These will help to keep the older generation more active and also to combat loneliness.

In second half of the free event participants learned about Qi Gong and how to Keep body, heart and mind in balance through exercises that help release too much fear, anger and lingering sentiments. Bibiana Hernandez has taught Qi Gong all around the world and all participants enjoyed her explanations and the accompanied exercises for improved energy and health.

A combination of these exercises as experienced in the one hour free event will also be practiced in the monthly tea club. Here participants will learn about tea, chinese and shaolin culture and how this can benefit your life.

Everyone at the UK Shaolin Temple is looking forward to sharing more of these experiences in different kind of forms. Classes, workshops, short courses and events like the world Tai Chi and Qi Gong day, help us to practice together and discover our full potentials for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Following the free event, the UK Shaolin Temple also celebrated the hard work of it’s members that took part in the recent grading. Here members of the UK Shaolin Temple tested and presented their skills according to different levels. All groups worked hard towards the grading and it all paid off, as everyone passed. Young and old were presented with their certificates and new coloured sashes that show how experienced they are now. Congratulations to all students that passed and keep up the good work towards the next level.

We are looking forward to everyone that graded and took part in the World Tai Chi and Qi Gong day to keep up their practices and learn more about the different ways to keep up a healthy and happy life.

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