The day aims to educate people of its health and wellbeing benefits as well as encouraging people to try the form of the martial art.

Southampton’s UK Shaolin Temple, will host a half-hour class suitable for people who have never tried the sport which encompasses deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements.

Tai Chi Training

Visitors will be able to try a free session with Shi Yan Min and 34th generation warrior monk from the Shaolin Temple in China.

Shi is the Chinese word for master and is said as a mark of respect. The event will also be streamed live via Facebook.

Flexibility, stress reduction and improved wellbeing are all said to be benefits of tai chi. The event will take place from 10am until 10.30am, in Shirley.

Shi Yan Min said: “Before we opened the temple in Shirley a year ago, we had two tai chi students, and held one class a week. Now we have 40 students and four classes a week.”

Everyone is welcome to join the half hour tai chi session at the temple in Shirley, there is no age limit nor prior experience required. Anyone who wants to watch the live stream can do so by visiting:


Hannah Carroll From Dailyecho

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