Introducing Wing Chun

Recently the 2018 timetable has been realised and with it a brand new class. After lots of interest and several requests from students we are pleased to announce that Wing Chun classes will be starting at the temple in the new year. Below is more information on the style, it’s origins and why you might want to give it a go.

What is Wing Chun and where did it come from? 

Wing Chun is a fighting style that is close range, fast and very direct. It is known for being useful against larger and stronger opponents because it focuses on technique over strength. With economic use of strikes and blacks practioners learn to use their whole body to maximum effect. One of Wing Chun’s philosophies is delivering maximum impact with minimum force.

The system was developed by one of the five elders at the Siu Lum Temple, a Buddhist Nun named Ng Mui. Legend says that she witnessed a fight between a crane and a snake and incorporated this into what she’d previously learnt to create a new style. Wing Chun later gained it’s name after she taught a young girl Yim Wing Chun which she then named the system after.

Legend says that Wing Chun had used the style to defeat a man who wanted to marry her, since she did not love him she challenged him to a fight with the agreement that if she won she would not have to marry him.

The origins of the art and it’s history are considered a mix of both fact and legend however this is the most widely accepted account.

Who can learn Wing Chun?

Anyone can learn Wing Chun, there are no special requirements. A good level of fitness will help, but most importantly, having a willing attitude and a determined mindset are key to becoming a good practitioner.

What are the beneifts of Wing Chun? 

“My health has benefited the most from practising Wing Chun.” – Ip Chun

Learning Wing Chun has many benefits for both the body and mind. Students develop their coordination, speed and fitness, those practicing Wing Chun will naturally gain functional strength and power over the course of their training. Mental discipline is also developed over time includung ability to stay calm, focus and responded quickly to a situation. An art that helps keeping your body fit and healthy but also your mind sharp.

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