Chinese Qi Gong has a long history and a substantial content. Qi Gong is a means of building internal and external energy through meditative exercises involving stretching postures and breathing routines. While being a gentle form of exercise, it also involves challenging postures and transition movements which improve mobility, flexibility and co-ordination.

The theory of Qi Gong concentrates on the building energy within the body and improving its circulation around it. When this energy becomes unbalanced or deficient, physical or mental problems can occur. Qi Gong is a healing art therefore, as the balance of energy helps to preserve the person’s health. Much research has been gathered on the positive effects of Qi Gong practice on health.

ba duan jin


Qi Gong is a self-healing art that combines movement and meditation. It is founded on a whole life outlook, which is related to the law of nature. When you practice it, you take the initiative to practice awareness. This is achieved by three adjustments: to calm your mind, to condition your body to the best condition and to balance your breathing. If you keep training regularly with determination, the function of many parts of your body will be greatly enhanced. This practice will be able to improve your quality of life and, this will naturally transform and develop an awareness of your subtle energies.

Qi Gong has many types. The common Qi Gong is split into 3 types: Soft Qi Gong, Hard Qi Gong (Ying Qi Gong) and Light Qi Gong (Qing Gong). Qi Gong masters normally combine all types of Qi Gong together.

To help practice Qi Gong, the Buddhist Ch’an philosophy is also an essential part of the training. Ch’an not only helps you to understand life, or yourself better, it also helps to understand many aspects of Qi Gong.

According to varied opinions from national and international medicine, practicing Qi Gong can cure, treat or prevent many kinds of illness. This includes diseases like asthma, diabetes, hypertension and cancer, some of which are generally considered “incurable” by conventional medicine. Practicing Qi Gong is also very effective for overcoming psychological and emotional conditions.

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