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Tanglang Quan – Mantis Fist is a style of Chinese martial arts; it was created by a Kung Fu Master Wang Lang about 1600 A.D. The Mantis Fist is very useful in close range combat, [...]

Wing Chun

Introducing Wing Chun... Recently the 2018 timetable has been realised and with it a brand new class. After lots of interest and several requests from students we are pleased to announce that Wing Chun classes [...]

Jingang Quan

Jingang Quan, also known as Jingang Luohan Quan (金刚罗汉拳 Guardian Luohan)  - is one of the older boxing methods of Northern China. Jingang Quan represents a powerful, and effective practical fighting system. Shaolin Jingang Quan is based [...]

Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu refers to a traditional system which was born from Ch'an Buddhism and Chinese culture and specific to the environment of the Shaolin Temple in Songshan Mountain. Amongst the various types of Kung [...]

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