The UK Shaolin Temple as it is today could not exist without the contributions of its members, volunteers and supporters. As many of you know, a lot of work is done in the background by a dedicated team of volunteers. With the expansion of the Temple, this team is also stretched to its limits and we are always on the lookout for people who would like to contribute to our cause.

In the past few months we were advertising for two new roles to be added to the team. One for a Martial Arts manager and the other for a Buddhism manager. We had many talented and skillful applicants and after meeting with everyone, the decision to fill these roles with the most suitable candidates has finally been made.

We therefore warmly welcome Ashley Wykes and Aleksandra Hales to the UK Shaolin Temple Team as Martial Arts and Buddhism managers. We are very delighted with what you bring to the table and we are looking forward to a fruitful and exciting cooperation ahead.

Aleksandra Hales - Buddhism Manager

Aleksandra Hales – Buddhism Manager

Ashley Wykes - Martial Arts Manager

Ashley Wykes – Martial Arts Manager

Last, but not least…

We also like to say a big thank you to all other applicants that were not chosen for these positions, but as you are all very talented, we will most likely approach you again for upcoming projects, most suitable for your skills and talents. We are looking forward to some great teamwork and fantastic activities.

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