On Sunday 14th July 2019 the UK Shaolin Temple held its annual Summer Kung Fu Grading. Altogether, 12 students from the UK Shaolin Temple Southampton and Bournemouth School participated and undertook the exam for their next Kung Fu Level. Everyone was well prepared and feeling a little nervous but once the grading started everyone performed well. Students completed their Level One, Two & Three gradings. Most where successful but overall it was a great opportunity to see how far students had come and what needs improvement for the future. Gradings are a great way to focus and to acknowledge the development of training. It creates many wonderful attributes such as courage, motivation and determination. 

Congratulations to all who passed and we encourage all who need to retake, not to be disheartened but to see this as a test of character and perseverance. Keep going and enjoy your training process.

From all the Shaolin Temple Team 

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