This last May Bank Holiday, the UK Shaolin Temple invited local people from the Southampton area to join them for a Mindful Walk in Nature.

Participants aged from 10 to 60 years old met in the early afternoon at the car park in the New Forest near Lyndhurst at the Pond head enclosure, a natural conservation area and trust.

The walk that promotes and supports mental health and wellbeing started with a short gentle warm up including a brief explanation, why this walk is important and beneficial for everyone’s state of mind and happiness.

After a few miles of walking the group stopped for some outdoor meditation in the forest. During the walk, participants experienced inner calmness, recognised their peaceful surroundings, heard birds singing and wind rushing through the tree leaves, felt the fresh air filling their lungs and enjoyed just being together with a group of likeminded people that for a short while lived in the moment without any worries or anxieties. 

The walk ended with some Qi Gong exercises that bring body and mind together in harmony. Participants also learned about the history and folklore of boldens beach and its dragons. Everyone felt energised and left with a lot of fairy-tale like pictures in their head, inspired by the local variety of flora, fauna and wildlife.

If you participated and got hooked by this experience or if you just got interested, come and join us on Tuesday 4th June 2019 from 17:30 – 18:30 at the UK Shaolin Temple, where the UKST Wellbeing Hub is holding their free monthly social get together and the topic will be “Nature and its benefits to mental health and wellbeing“. We are looking forward to meeting you and invite you to explore this topic further with us.

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