No Win No Lose

Last Saturday, the UK Shaolin Temple opened its doors to approx. 50 people from all over the UK. Among them participants for Sanda, Tao Lu and the Great Skills challenge. Judge Shi Yan Xin even brought his family all the way from Ireland.

A number of volunteers helped to set the scene already on Friday and started their day at 7:00 am at the temple to welcome the competitors for their registrations. The doors opened for public spectators at 9:00 am.


Around 10:00 am the Sanda competition started with the children, followed by the junior category and last but not least the adults, with full contact rules. Everyone showed great progress compared to last year’s competition. We saw more techniques and combinations even quite a few impressive take downs. During the full contact fights of the adults, we saw great Shaolin spirit as the competitors not only struggled with their oponents but also with their own stamina. The atmosphere was very friendly and the audience encouraged the fighters and cheered them on by shouting out “keep going”, “guard up” or “take down”.

Tao Lu

After a short break, the afternoon started with the children’s Tao Lu performances, followed by junior and adult Tao Lu performances and finished with the weapons performances. We saw some amazing handforms from young and old, some animal forms and some traditional forms. All performers showed great skills, including speed, power, flexibility and control of their movements. The presented weapons were pu dao, chain whip, three-section-staff, broad sword and fan.

Great Skill

After another short break, a new category was introduced: the Great Skill category. Here the participants challenged each other in Ma Bu (2:44 min) and handstand (1:48 min) holding. The rules were explained beforehand and the time was taken individually. The great skills category proved to be very popular among participants and the audience. I’m sure that we will see more of this in the new year with even more skills to be added. So keep an eye out on our events and classes.

Thank You

The competition ended with a ceremony. Certificates, medals and cups were given out and lots of pictures taken. We would like to thank all participants for coming and sharing the results of their hard work with us, as well as all spectators for their visit and encouragment. Last but not least, this event would not be running without our numerous and dedicated volunteers. You did a fantastic job in the background, kept everyone safe and happy. Well done and thank you so much for your support!

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