On Saturday 3rd February, the UK Shaolin Temple hosted an Opening Day for its newest project. The Tea Club will be running on a regular basis. It promotes well-being and a healthy lifestyle through self-discovery. As the 20 participants on the opening day experienced through taster sessions, the Tea Club will combine various cultural, physical, mindful, social and educational aspects.

The Tea Club was officially opened by Shi Yan Min. He cut the red ribbon and invited everyone to a 10 min Meditation session. People were able to focus their thoughts in the UK Shaolin Temple Buddha Hall. At the end of this short Meditation session everyone received a hot bowl of water to warm up and prevent the body from dehydration.

After a short break, Bibiana Hernandez introduced three Qi Gong exercises to improve physical and mental balance for a healthy living. As Qi Gong works with your internal and external energy, the focus was on the three main organs, kidneys, liver and the heart and their associated emotions in this 20 min taster session. The combination of correct breathing, stretching and sound techniques Helped with the letting go of too much fear, anger, hatred and other sentiments that damage the organs and bring them out of balance.

The third 30 min taster session was run by Shi Yan Min and involved a set of Tai Chi movements. These are based on life energy and work with opposing and complementary elements: yin and yang. In general, Tai Chi helps to improve physical mobility, strength and all around well-being.

The opening day was then concluded with a tea ceremony in which all participants learned a bit about the history and benefits of tea by Martine Niven. Different kinds of teas were served and complimented with some pastry. All participants had a chance to ask questions or shared their own knowledge about tea in this social get together.

It was a very successful morning and we would like to thank all participants for coming along and all volunteers for helping to make this event happening. We would also like to thank Southampton City Council for their continous support on this project.

If you are interested in joining one of our upcoming Tea Club sessions, please book your place here:

Sessions are held from 10:00am – 12:00pm on the 1st Sunday of every month. For the session to run, we must have 10 or more people booked for each date. All members can book online or by phone.

We love to see you at the very first session of the Tea Club.

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