Despite a few rain showers and an unpredictable weather forecast, a considerable amount of UK Shaolin Temple students gathered on Bournemouth Beach for their traditional Summer Training on Saturday the 2nd July 2016.

Candy Lam kindly opened up her beach hut for storage of food and spare clothes. For the majority of participants this meant the training already started before the training, as everyone helped to bring training equipment and BBQ food and drinks from the cars to the beach.

Although the weather did not look very promising, everyone was keen to get started. Running between the groynes helped everyone to quickly warm up, followed by some stretching exercises.

Even though a few rain drops appeared, the summer training commenced with a relay with tennis balls right near the water. Everyone enjoyed running through the water and distracting the opposing team with water splashes. Especially the younger participants could not get enough of it. The teams were equally strong, so that everyone in the losing team had to challenge themselves with running, frog jumps or piggy bagging the winning team from groyne to groyne.

The bigger challenge followed in form of a parkour afterwards. In teams of two, buckets had to be filled with water and carried over a distance of approx. 50m. From there the participants had to crawl under an army net and find buried tennis balls in the sand. The balls had to be carried around the groyne back to the finishing line, where the time stopped. Everyone did really well and mastered this challenge with lots of effort and teamwork.

After changing into some dry and warm clothes, a BBQ was set up and food was prepared. In the meantime, ball games at the beach continued as a lot of the children and adults still had energy to jump and run around.

The grill masters Gary Anderson and Jack Lucas attended professionally to the BBQ and grilled some tasty burgers, yummy sausages, spicy kebabs and crispy chickens for everyone. These were enjoyed with homemade salad, grated cheese and a choice of sauces, mustard, mayo or ketchup in a bun.

Filled with food and good memories of an exciting afternoon at the beach, one after another made their way back home to get some rest.

Meanwhile, being dared into another challenge, Shifu Shi Yanmin and his students Martine Niven, Owen Choy and Adrian Hammond braved the waves again for an evening swim. Aware of the strong and dangerous current, they fairly quickly returned back to the beach.

All in all, the UK Shaolin Temple Summer Training and BBQ at Bournemouth beach was a big success. Everyone trained very hard and at the same time had lots of fun. A big thank you also to all volunteers and participants for your help and food or drink donations.


Summer Beach Training 2016

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