Over the summer holidays the UK Shaolin Temple partnered with Opportunity China.

Opportunity China offers an array of events including University visits, specialist webinars, online workshops, and pre-departure training events for teachers heading to China. The focus is on providing teachers and kung fu instructors with a successful toolkit for summer school programmes and enhance the cultural exchange between China and the UK.

This year the programme supported 50 students aged 6 – 14 years from China and the UK at Bay House School in Portsmouth, Gosport. All students learned Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Sanda and Meditation techniques. Shifu Martine taught these enthusiastic and engaging students the first 2 weeks of the programme and the two UK Shaolin Temple Instructors Thomas Board and Jasmine King taught the second two weeks.

All students were quick to learn, had lots of positive energy and really enjoyed this great experience.
All children and teachers were keen in taking part in the various exercises and looking forward to the next cooperation in the future.

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