There are many ways to support mental health in the UK and the World.

The UK Shaolin Temple is promoting Mental Health Awareness Week through many different ways.

From children to adults, all our activities have a positive affect on everyone’s wellbeing.

Our little dragons finished their energetic class with some meditation and mindfulness today.

And our family class also ended in a short meditation and some beneficial Qi Gong exercises.

Our Thursday class will continue with meditation and Qi Gong and also add some Tai Chi into the mix.

All these activities can improve many aspects of your lives. They help to deal with anxiety, reduce stress, enhance self awareness, increase memory functions, and decrease blood pressure.

If you are interested in one of our activities regarding mental health and wellbeing and if you would like to get involved, please join our Wellbeing Hub, come to a free session, speak to us in person or visit our website. We’d like to meet you and support everyone’s wellbeing.


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