Shifu Shi Yan Ming and his disciple Martine Niven visited Solent University to give a lecture and workshop in Meditation and Mindfulness.
13 participants found their way into the Spark, The Pod, Southampton Solent University.

Mindfulness and Meditation

All participants learned relaxing Methods and Qi Gong techniques. In order to help induce relaxation and concentration a singing bowl was used. All participants found the sitting and breathing practices very useful to get into a peaceful state of mind. In addition the workshop also included self massage (Tuina).

singing bowl

Qi Gong is an ancient practice that is designed to combine internal and external energies with the aim of detoxing unwanted and unhealthy energy. Not only do these exercises allow the mind and body to relax but they also help cultivating new energy.
Meditation and Qi Gong compliment each other. During Qi Gong exercises the participants concentrate on the physical healing process and during meditation this is continued on a mental level. To get the most benefit out of these exercises, we would always recommend to combine Qi Gong and Meditation.

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