On Sunday 10th December many UK Shaolin Temple students have been tested in their skills. The UK Shaolin Temple was holding their annual December gradings of level one, two and even three. In the morning some students did two gradings in one go (level one and level two).

Everyone worked really hard towards this and performed very well in the test environment.

All levels consist of basic techniques and combinations, a fitness test and a performance of one or more forms. For level three, the students even need to show that they are comfortable with a weapon, which is the stick. All students also need to know the Chinese names of every technique and form they show and will be judged and scored by their instructors and shifus.

The scores are currently being added up and all participants will be notified after the Christmas break of their results. Everyone will receive their scorecard, a certificate and a new sash with passing the grading.

We look forward to seeing lots of new coloured sashes to be worn with the uniform in the new year and hopefully, you will also be able to join the weapons or advanced class or one of our team classes.

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