***UKST Staff of the Month: September 2017***

Shifu Jen has been with the UKST for over ten years. She plays a huge part in the running of the school as well as teaching classes, running the Buddhism courses and is part of our Kung Ku display and Lion Dancing Team.
She is also responsible for all administration and finance tasks of the school. She is a huge part of our team that helped to establish the UKST and thanks to her we also have all our funding and council collaborations. She has been nominated by various students this month as she helped this year to run the school whilst the team where away in China and did a fantastic job.
Not only does she work full time but she is also in the process of completing her PHD.

What Shifu Jen loves about her training/teaching:

“From a personal point of view: I love pushing myself and coming face to face with my limitations. I feel training is a way to practise being humble and to understand what it means to really work hard. From a teaching perspective, I love watching other progress and I’m delighted to see them achieve their goals.
From a fun perspective: our training is really different and I’ve always been drawn to things that were unusual.”

What she loves about the Temple:

“The thing I really love about the Temple is the people it brings together. My training experience wouldn’t be even half as fulfilling if I didn’t have our community to share it with.”

Fun facts about her:

“Since before I can remember, I have always wanted to swim with dolphins. This wish is still unfulfilled.

Despite studying Japanese Culture for nearly ten years, I have yet to actually visit Japan (hangs head in shame).”

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