***UKST Staff of the Month: October 2017***

Shifu Jack has been training with the UKST for about four and a half years. You will see him most days as the temple manager. In this position, he has many different tasks to perform during the week from the running the temple, managing its staff to improving the temple’s development and maintance. He also displays his musical talents in our Lion Dancing Team as drummer.
On top of working full time as an engineer he is also studying for his masters degree in engineering. You will see Shifu Jack teaching Tai Chi classes on Mondays and training in Traditional and Kung Fu classes throughout the week. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful person on board of our team and we are so thankful for all his hard work, time and dedication he puts into the temple.

What Shifu Jack Loves about his training/teaching:

“What I love about training is the challenges it brings and I’m always wanting to push myself more to be better. I think part of the reason behind this is because when I was younger, I was fairly inactive and unfit. After I decided to really do something about it after I graduated from university, I didn’t want to stop. Though I have gotten a lot stronger than I was and I’ve lost a fair amount of weight, I still think I have some way to go yet.
From the teaching side, I love helping others progress further and help them in areas which I struggled with. It also helps me to improve myself so I can be a better teacher.”

What he loves about the Temple:

“I love the atmosphere at the Temple and seeing the amazing things others can do. I always get caught off guard when I haven’t seen someone for a while and find out how much they have improved.”

Fun facts about him:

“When I was growing up in Wales, I use to do a lot of horse riding. When I was learning from my dad, I always enjoyed riding big horses, doing small jumps and playing different horse games (my dad once described me as the ‘daredevil‘ out of my older brother and myself). Now though, I just leave the riding to my little sister.”

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