How performing / testing can boost your Shaolin skills

We are one month back into training after the summer holidays and already made a few changes to the training schedule. The last week of the month was dedicated to showing off & testing what all students have learned.

Every class, from Kung Fu, Tai Chi to Sanda and Acrobatics, dedicated some time to students performing their skills in front of their instructor and fellow students.

Here are a few things we noticed throughout the classes on how those performances / exams within the UK Shaolin Temple training environment can boost your skills. This applies to everyone, from complete beginner all the way through to the most advanced students:

  • Your are very focused on the performance ahead or the specific task given during the performance or exam. Not only is your instructor watching and judging every move, but also all your fellow students in that class. This leads to a very clear and accurate performance of all movements. Also as you are putting all your effort into the performing task, you will automatically use more power and speed.
How performing / testing can boost your Shaolin skills

great focus, tension and power

  • Depending on the type of performance / exam different skills can be improved. For group performances, you will be more aware of everyone’s timings and speed to make sure to perform syncronized as one group.
  • While performing or taking the exam you are more aware of your mistakes and will recognise these quicker and remember what to focus on, so you won’t repeat the same mistake again. You will also remember movements better when performing or during an examination. You will get instant feedback from your instructor, but also from everyone watching, as they will clap and cheer when they like what they see.
How performing / testing can boost your Shaolin skills

great accuracy and clear movements

  • As part of the audience you will see what other students have learned and how they have progressed. You will see what’s ahead in your own training plan and you will notice areas you can improve on.
  • The positive energy during the performance is a great inspiration and motivation for performers, audience and instructors. You will gain confidence and improve with every performance / exam you do in future.

With this in mind, keep on practicing, as we are very cusious to see what you have learned in the next few weeks.

The first week of the month, the focus will be on discipline and next Sunday, you can read all about the importance of discipline during all our classes on this blog.

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