Hello from  all of us at The Shaolin Clinic,

This is the first in many to come of blogs to help promote heath and wellbeing with in our community. Here we will be uploading many heath tips to keep you happy and healthy throughout the coming seasons.  If you have any request on particular health issues or want specific tips you can contact us and we will be happy to write articles or give advice. So we are starting our blogs with a small tip for the coming winter.

It’s that time of year with coughs, colds & sore throats, so here is a very simple recipe to help ease those long winter nights!

The Winter Soother Recipe:

1 x fresh Lemon

2 x teaspoons of Manuka Honey (+ 20 on label)

Boil kettle and put hot water in a mug. Add two/three tea spoons of good quality Manuka Honey of a high factor preferable +20 or +15 (can also eat it off the spoon if your throat is very sore) add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and enjoy.

Only add fresh ginger if your feeling cold. If your running a temperature it is best avoided, and just stick to the above recipe.



Did you  know that Acupuncture and Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) can also be a great and simple way to relieve coughs and colds, and help to boost up your immunity!

For more information about how it can help contact our residant Chinese Medicine practitioner :

Martine Niven (BSc (hons) Lic Ac, MBAcC, DipTn, Dip Paed)


Enjoy & Many Blessings

Shaolin Clinic

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