Whilst UK Shaolin Temple has been running for over 10 years, last Sunday 9th April 2017 marks our 1st birthday in our Temple in Southampton. We marked the occasion by holding an open day for anyone and everyone to come and try some taster sessions of the Shaolin martial arts, Shaolin culture and other Chinese cultural activities.

One Year Opening Celebration 08

Local visitors and people from abroad came especially to join in with our celebrations. We were astounded by the number of people who attended we’d like to extend a big thank you again to everyone we met on Sunday.

The day’s events included taster sessions of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, San Da (Chinese kickboxing), Chan Meditation, and a Chinese Tea Ceremony. We also held short massage sessions run by our Shaolin Clinic therapists.

Our sunny and unseasonable warm training hall was packed full of people trying out our different martial arts styles. Whilst our sessions were short they were still a comprehensive taste of Chinese martial arts and we were delighted by everyone’s energy and enthusiasm.

One Year Opening Celebration 04

As the physical sessions came to an end, our guests tried a short meditation session in our Buddha Hall. With so many people attending, the meditation group spilled out into the training hall. Everyone sat in serene silence, as the sun streamed in form the open doors, and a peaceful tranquillity descended over the Temple.

The remainder of the afternoon opened out to a relaxing jovial atmosphere. Our UKST members and visitors alike mingled. Whilst relaxing and socialising, our gests were served a traditional Chinese tea ceremony by our Headmaster Shifu Shi Yan Min. Throughout the afternoon, a number of our guests were treated to a short massage sessions with our practitioners, relieving tension and working out any aches and knots.

One Year Opening Celebration 23

We hope that everyone who attended enjoyed themselves and learned something new about Shaolin Martial Arts, Shaolin Culture and Chinese culture. A part of our mission is to chare these cultures with people in the UK and promote the benefits they have to support health and wellbeing.

If we left you wanting to try more, don’t forget to check out our website, we you can find information about joining our classes, booking massages or acupuncture treatments and also how to get involved with our events or projects: www.ukshaolintemple.com


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