Rehearsals for the 2019 Chinese New Year Extravaganca in Southampton’s Guildhall Square have begun.

The UK Shaolin Temple, who is the official event organiser have chosen Kung Fu and Tai Chi performance routines, performers and equipment have been set and rehearsals have started at the UK Shaolin Temple in Pitt Road.

There will be spectacular Kung Fu Animal performances, such as Tiger, Eagle, Mantis, Monkey, Snake and Dragon forms. These will be followed by some rarely seen before Shaolin weapons, such as whip, fan, horsetail, shield and flags, next to the more known sword, stick and Nunchakus forms.

For all that have been to previous performances, there always has been a display of Hard Qi Gong, where bricks where broken on heads, wooden planks broken on several body parts such as arms, legs, back and stomach or the nailbed and body lift of five spears left the audience stunned and speechless.

The UK Shaolin Temple performers are in their final rehearsal stage, strengthening their bodies and keep up their stamina for a jaw dropping performance.

Save the 2nd February 2019 in your calendar and meet us at Guildhall Square in Southampton.


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