During their half term holidays, 30 boys and girls from Cantell school in Southampton visited the UK Shaolin Temple one afternoon this week.

While there are a few of them who experienced some boxing, kick boxing, karate or taekwondo, none of the children had done any Shaolin Kung Fu before. So they were all very excited to learn about the Shaolin culture and practice.

On arrival all children were awestruck by the temple and its atmosphere. They were keen to learn about Chan meditation, especially how to pray to Buddha and to prostrate and even had a go themselves in some Buddhist practice.

After the meditation, the children enjoyed some Kung Fu training, including Sanda (chinese kickboxing) techniques on the punch bags. They also learnt their first Kung Fu form called Wu Bu Quan.

Everyone had an amazing time, the children were very curious, asked lots of questions and were very well behaved during all the exercises. The UK Shaolin Temple is looking forward to welcome them back again in the future.

For more information, individual offers and guidance on school trips like this to the UK Shaolin Temple, please contact Martine per email on: martine@shaolincentre.org.

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