The UK Shaolin Temple is very excited to announce that this year’s annual Summer Camp will be in cooperation with Solent University Southampton.

Shifu Shi Yanmin and his disciple Shifu Chen Miaoshan (Martine Niven) have come up with an exciting training and activity plan.
Just as they train in the Shaolin Temple in China, you will be able to train and learn for seven days and get the opportunity to experience Kung Fu and other Chinese cultural activities as if you were in China.

Just training can be quite tiring and will be broken up with cultural activities, such as Chinese tea ceremony, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese languange sessions and learning how to make your own Chinese dumplings. Furthermore you will get a taster of some practical Tuina massage techniques.

Most activities will be held at the UK Shaolin Temple in Southampton, but there will also be plenty occasions, where all participants of the summer camp will venture out to some nearby places such as natural areas within Southampton, the New Forest, and Bournemouth for some traditional outdoor training in the sunshine.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR EVENTS PAGE or just get in touch and ask via email, phone or in person. We love to hear from you and see you at the summer camp in August 2018.

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