Anne and Richard have been with the temple for about a year since we opened. You would see them both practicing hard in there Tai Chi classes. They have been nominated because of there continual support in the Temple. They regularly help to maintain the Buddha hall with there thoughtful and beautiful flower arrangements and fruit displays. We really appreciate their support ,along with the many other students who continue to help us to keep the charity going, without you all it would be an impossible task. We are hugely grateful for all your support and we hope you are inspired by them to help us in the future.

What They Love about their Tai Chi Training:

‘We very much enjoying our training in Tai Chi under Shifu Yan Min and Jack Lucas, and are both inspired by their teaching and amazed by their patience. We train alongside some lovely people who are very supportive and great fun. We also look forward to our Thursday evening meditation sessions in the very beautiful Buddha Hall.”

What they love about the temple:

‘We came to know of the Shaolin Temple through our daughter Amy, who was a member for a short time before she died last year. Amy had been both a Buddhist and student of martial arts for many years, and we received great kindness and support from many of you at that time. She had often said to try Tai Chi, so in her memory we joined. We are so glad we did. It has been a challenge but very rewarding.”

The people-

Suzy there cat- “The most important face in our photo (she thinks so) is that of Suzy, our cat. She has been with us thirteen years, and in cat years that makes her quite old, even older than us! She still runs as fast, jumps as high and stretch her legs ninety degrees! She is very clever and has trained us well. When she goes outside she knocks on the door with her paws to get us to let her back in, instead of using her cat flap. Our younger members will, we are sure, have read of the legendary Varjak Paw. We think she could beat even him in a fight.”

  •  they are both retired and keep very busy and share many interests. They love nature, walking, history, the arts and supporting Saints!
  • they love reading and sharing the gardening.
  • They live near woods and get squirrels in the garden who bury acorns and nuts. A lot of saplings come up and Richard replants them in the wood.
  • Richard enjoys swimming regularly
  • Anne is a member of a choir
  • There most memorable holiday was spent in the Artic Circle in Norway one February watching the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and trying out dog sledging.

They added :

“We really enjoy the Temple New Year celebrations and watching the performances that many of you put on. We are now looking forward to the BBQ at Hengistbury Head on July 2nd and hope that you will come and say “hello” to us. See you there. x x ‘

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