Alex has been with UK Shaolin Temple for many years you may see him around in Sanda classes, he’s quite a tall chap with green Celtic boxing gloves. His is actively involved with the temple helping with building and sharing his amazing wood skills. It thanks to him we have our wonderful changing rooms and more recently helping to build some benches for our lion dancing team. Amongst many other tasks he has completed for us.

What Alex Loves about his sanda training : “ I enjoy Sanda because of the fitness regime its flowing content and that it is a great form for self defence and self discipline.

What Alex loves about the temple. “What I love about the new Shaolin temple is that it has been a long term dream of our Great Shifu, Yan Min, from his journey that started out many years ago on arrival to the UK. His perseverance and continuing endurance associated to the livelihood of the temple is both inspiring and rewarding to see.

I love that it is a community driven environment, and there have been a many hard working team of dedicated people who have contributed to the opening and its sustainability to where the temple is at today, and it continues to flourish and grow stronger and stronger. To once think that where the Buddha temple now sits with beautiful ornaments, fruit, flowers and pleasant decorations was once a dilapidated garage full of oil and grease, the training area, once a scene of old tyres and grime, is now a fully matted and gym- based area for which to safely practice. This is just another example which makes our temple quite unique. Long may it continue to thrive.

The person –Alex favourite food is Thai he hates sprouts!

  • Alex once bred a Husky and hand delivered her pups, which was an incredible experience.
  • He has several goals this year, one is the China trip with the temple, the other is a new career in the fitness industry.
  • He used to be able to beatbox as a child.
  • Alex is a huge big petrol head, and used to race national 125cc gearbox karts achieving runners up in the Midlands championship ’04 & runners up in 100cc piston port clubman championship ’02.
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