• How to Do Wu Long Pan Da

  • The four secrets to martial arts training for older adults

    Four years ago, at the age of 43, I had written off my martial arts training.  I didn’t consciously make that decision, it just gradually happened by itself.  After a 15 year break from Kung Fu my joints were creaking, and niggling pains and injuries kept accumulating….

  • Summer Beach Training and BBQ 2016

  • Flexibility training

    Flexibility Forward Stretch / Zheng Ya Tui Place one foot on a wall or ledge or somewhere higher up and rest one heel against it. The standing foot should point forwards towards the surface, while the stretching foot should be flexed and pointing back towards…

  • Drunken Fist

    The technical features of Zui Quan are based on imitating a drunkard. The main body method is called sloshing, which refers to “Hollow Body, Wine Belly” concept, as though the body is hollow and the lower abdomen (dantian) is filled with wine (instead of Qi),…